At Kent Island Academy of Music (KIAM) we understand that there are many different learning styles and that every student is different.  Because of this, we strive to create lessons that reflect each students individual musical goals and learning style while simultaneously guiding students into broader musical territory. 

Music is an art and while there are no “wrong” ways to go about learning to play, there are certainly some best practices that can drastically improve your level of success as well as the speed at which you succeed.  It’s always a wonderful experience to see the look of amazement on a students face when a small change in hand position or posture makes the difference between frustration and success.  

Whether you’r a parent looking to expose your young child to music in a fun and relaxing environment, an adult professional looking for a way to relieve stress and sharpen your mind, or a young adult in need of guidance as you apply to music colleges,  KIAM looks forward to helping you reach your goals

Regardless of where your coming from, we strive to help all students to learn the value of music as a creative outlet, a form of personal expression, a tool for self discovery, and a means of connecting with others for a lifetime of enrichment and enjoyment.